If there’s one thing you need to know about owning a personal printer, it’s that it can actually be very costly. There are a handful of companies that market how having your own machine is more economical, but trust us when we say, it’s really only beneficial in the short run. In the long run, you lose track of the numerous of times you have to replace your ink cartridges after.  You also have to make  sure that you have enough of each color, paying for expensive refills every month. On top of that, you also have to prepare yourself for repairs, replacing parts or throwing the machine out all together and eventually having to buy a new one. 

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If you are a small-medium enterprise owner hoping to establish your brand and product in the market, it is highly recommended to make sure you’re producing the right print marketing tactic. This includes flyers, directional signs, menus and also packaging. Ultimately, you want your customers to perceive your brand positively.

Here are 5 Reasons why It’s better to have it printed Professionally:

TIME EFFICIENT. Time is gold in business. Whether or not you’re a start-up or you’ve been in the market for decades, time shouldn’t be wasted on secondary tasks like producing your own marketing collaterals (e.g. brochures, forms etc.). High-end machines housed by companies like AK PRINTS can print double or even triple the number of copies your home machine can. If you want to print more than one copy of an item, might as well get it professionally done because it will save you so much more time. 

COST EFFICIENT. In line with the definition of Economies of Scale, the higher the quantity, the more you save in cost per unit. This article does not discourage consumers from purchasing their own personal printer. Personal printers best used for “one-at-a-time” printing of documents such as contracts, reports and maybe a colored picture. But with everything considered including power, ink and paper, the overall cost you’d spend printing at home would cost more when you print it professionally. Professional print shops like AKPRINTS provide affordable deals for printing high quantity printed items such as brochures, posters, stickers and many more.

HASSLE FREE. The more items you try to print on your own, the harder it maintain consistent outputs. Often times, the capacity of your personal machine does not cater to high quantities. When you have it professionally done, all these things will be out of your mind because you’ll be hiring professionals with high caliber machines to handle it for you. 

VERSATILE. Let’s face it, personal printers at the very most, can only print up to letter size documents. We all know the strategy of sticking sheets of individual papers together to create a giant poster, but why not just have it professionally done as one entire, quality poster? There may be a premium of getting large posters or banners printed for you, but you will be provided with a seamless product that you would never achieve at home. Professional print shops like AKPRINTS have versatile printing options. They can provide you with a long list of types of printed products for your business’ use. 

QUALITY. Getting it professionally done will assure you of a durable product that would last through the test of time and various kinds of evasive environment conditions. With quality, you can elevate your overall brand. Your brand identity will be able to stand out and be more noticeable a vibrant color pay-off. AK PRINTS can usually pick up a wide array of colors so that the print will come out as close as possible to its digital or conceptualized form. 


Thankfully, getting things professionally printed isn’t difficult any more. With the Internet, you can be in touch with AK PRINTS in an instant. Look through their catalogue of numerous print options that would suit your current need and you will have a professionally printed product right away!

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