Promotion is your business’ best friend. Whether or not you are selling a product, service, or your professional skills, the only way for you to gain a customer base or reach your target market is through promotion.

Online platforms today like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are essential to any modern business. However, it’s always changing. Because these platforms are controlled by artificial intelligence, the operators behind these online platforms may have more control of your business’ market reach and overall digital promotions than you do. This is not to disregard the powerful impact of social media and its ability to promote a business and to spread the “word”. But rather, this 5-Step Guide will take you back to the basics of why your digital promotions should still go hand in hand with the classic print.

1. Establish Your Brand

Whether or not your business already has an existing brand book, when planning your next big promotion, it’s time to revisit it. Here are a couple of questions you may ask yourself and your brand:

  • “Does my brand speak to the market I want to reach?”
  • “Is my brand still relevant today?”
  • “Am I happy with my over all brand design and image?”
  • “What can I do to improve my brand”

The answers to these questions can help build the framework for your next promotion. It will be the DNA of your brand.


2. Become your brand: Business Cards

Begin by representing yourself or the team behind your business by producing quality business cards. Using your brand DNA as the back bone, design your business card in the way that best represents your company.

Business cards remain as an essential tool in representing your business. People think business cards are outdated and no longer important. With the different online platforms that can represent you and your business today, a small piece of hard stock paper may seem outdated.

Business Cards are indeed one of the most important, relevant, and yet seemingly very simple a 3.5″x 2″ card with just your name, your company at present, and your contact information. 


3. Explain with Post Cards

One of the classic forms of communication that dates all the way back in time would be post cards. It is usually a palm size sheet of hard stock paper that may have a picture of a place, elaborate design and of course a short but meaningful message on its back. However, in advertising, it can very well contain all the relevant information you want to share about your brand and your business.

For example, if your business is your professional skill, a post card could have a picture of you, which represents you, and of course key information of whatever service you are trying to sell.

The benefit of these post cards is that the possibilities are endless and there are no rules as to what you can put on it. On top of that, it is up to you how far or how targeted you want you post cards to reach your customers (you can look into Every Door Direct Mail). There are no algorithms and rules that you have no control of that can affect your

4. Spread the word: Flyers

Get the word out, fast. Flyers can be your next best important tool that puts everything in one printed sheet for you to give away in large quanitites. Flyers can be as large as a letter size paper or as small as a standard post card. Its flexibility in size can allow you to put the relevant information, your overall brand identity and the necessary contact details for your targetted customers to reach you.

Flyers must be printed in bulk quantity because just as the name describes, it’s meant to “fly far” and quickly too.


Your brand credibility relies as heavily as how it looks. Sometimes, it all boils down to how your brand comes out in the printing of your business card, your post card and your flyers. You might think, can’t I just use my home printer to print all of these? Well, there are 5 main reasons why it is better to print professionally: Time Efficiency, Cost Efficient, Hassle Free, Versatile, and of course, Quality.

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