People think business cards are outdated and no longer important. Why? Because we have social media representing us in the platforms that are most relevant today. You may ask, what value does a business card bring when a person’s credentials and overall persona are presented on a pedestal for everyone else to click?

We hate to break it to you but that train of thought is absolutely flawed. Not everything is genuine online and there is more substance that comes with the authenticity of a face-to-face or physical interaction between two people. The gesture of exchanging cards symbolic of new possibilities.

Business Cards are indeed one of the most important, relevant, and yet seemingly very simple a 3.5″x 2″ card with just your name, your company at present, and your contact information. These are the top 3 reasons why high-quality Business Cards are essential to your success:

1. Break Boundaries. Reach new markets.

Your business card is an immediate extension of your corporate or business persona. You may keep a couple of pieces in your back pocket or keep a stack of them in a tiny box inside your bag. This is what you bring out and give to another person, breaking boundaries and reaching new markets. Leave them with a part of you that is tangible and of course functional – with your card, they can contact you right after or maybe even after a while.

What’s great about these cards is that depending on the nature of the business you are in, these cards are filed properly by either party for easy reference in the long run. The moment you break those boundaries, you also give off a first impression, and your card can be the reminding tool for you.

2. Connect and Reconnect

Business Cards are some of the remaining few tangible documents that are not digital. Exchanging business cards is part of business etiquette where you physically hand over your identity on a piece of paper in order to connect beyond the period of time you are in the same vicinity or room. In other words, business cards allow you to connect and after some time, to reconnect.

3. Make an Impression to Last

Your pleasing personality in any business conversation may be short-lived simply because of fleeting time, lack of communication, and maybe because someone else’s personality outshines yours. These are just about some of the facts of life and business we deal with every day. We face our competitors as they also face us. In a free market, it’s a matter of making an impression to last.

These palm-sized printouts with your name, company, and contact details can go a long way by coming in hand in hand with that first impression to close a deal or to further a line of communication. As mentioned, these cards will become that tool that will constantly be a reminder to them to reach out to you even after some time.

Business Card

As much as we could stress the importance of business cards further in this article, it all boils down to the quality of these cards themselves. Find the right design that can perfectly capture you, as the business owner and of course, the business itself. Their size, shape, coating, and thickness can help you break those boundaries, connect with new parties and make that impression that lasts. Produce a card that will make you the proud owner of it.

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